Bride suddenly dies in the middle of her wedding, groom marries her sister instead

A wedding is the most anticipated moment for the bride and groom and their whole family. That is why it was such a strange moment for these families in the Indian State of Uttar Pradesh when an unexpected event happened during their much-awaited union of families.

The two families were gathered to see the wedding of the bride, Surabhi, and the groom, Mangesh Kumar. It was all a happy occasion but the bride suddenly collapsed in the middle of the ceremony.

According to Newsner, the bride was soon pronounced dead and that a heart attack was the cause of her untimely passing. Still grieving and unable to process what just happened before their eyes, the family of Surabhi even became more shocked when they were confronted by the groom, who asked them if they would let their younger daughter marry him.

It was then that the bride’s mother decided to have the wedding go forward as planned with her younger daughter taking Surabhi’s place. This can be an awkward situation for most people, but in India, arranged marriages are extremely common, and “they often want to keep it in the family.” This was why the guests and other family members just went through with what the bride’s mom wanted.

But, the situation was still bizarre as the younger sister’s wedding was being solemnized while the body of the dead bride was lying in another room. Once the marriage ceremony was over, the family performed the dead daughter’s last rites.

What remained undisclosed is whether the family went on with the wedding festivities or chose o grieve after the loss of a family member.