Authorities tried to save “drowned woman” only to find out it was an adult doll.

Crimes or suicide may happen anywhere, anytime, and with anyone. This is why authorities are always up on their feet when they receive emergency calls no matter what time of the day that is.

As for these authorities from Japan, were baffled when they realized what lay before them after receiving an emergency call. According to 9gag, a Japanese Twitter user Tanaka Natsuki: was the one who shared his experience and said that while he was filming for his fishing video, he thought that a corpse had come floating by.

Image: nachangagaga/Twitter

As other people were at the location with him, someone did not take a closer look at the “drowned corpse” but was quick to call the authorities, so a ton of police, fire trucks, and ambulances showed up.

This photo of the “drowned corpse” will easily deceive anyone that it was in fact a human being that either drowned herself or was “thrown” there by god-knows-who.

Image: nachangagaga/Twitter

The authorities quickly moved to save the “drowned woman” but they were all left baffled when they realize that it was not a real human being but instead, it was an adult doll.

Photos of the rescue operation even circulated on social media as there were a lot of onlookers on the scene.

Another Twitter user even jokingly said that someone did illegal disposal of oversized garbage but still thanked the emergency services, for their hard work.

It could have been really frightening if it was the body of a real human being that was found floating somewhere. Thankfully, it was not but authorities will surely have a hard time figuring out where this “garbage” came from.