8-year-old boy pulled from the stomach of a 26-feet crocodile in Indonesia

Losing a child is the worst experience ever for a parent. But, how much more devastating can it be when you see your child’s dead body being pulled out from the body of a huge beast?

An 8-year-old kid from Indonesia’s East Kalimantan province tragically lost his life after he was swallowed whole by a 26-feet crocodile.

According to Mirror UK, the boy was swimming in the river near their home when the incident happened. This river is often used by the residents to bathe and get water for cooking.

So, they were all shocked when this happened to the child. The father of the boy even chased the animal in a desperate effort to save his kid and although he was able to “punch” the huge animal with his bare hands several times, it was still of no avail.

The next day, a search and rescue operation was launched and this was when the six-meter-long crocodile was found by the locals. They then cut open the animal in an effort to retrieve the body of the child.

In a disturbing video that is now circulating online, the weeping cries of the family can still be heard as several men were opening the tummy part of the crocodile.

A few moments into the video, they were able to locate the child’s lifeless body and pulled it out from the crocodile’s tummy.

Here are some screenshots that are taken from the video.

You can watch the full video here:


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