Guy beheads 17-year-old daughter because he did not “like” her boyfriend

There are daughters out there who are considered “papa’s girl” because they are closer to their dad than their mom. In most cases, this is because they understand each other better and have similar preferences among certain things.

But, there may also be times when the good father-and-daughter relationship is compromised, especially when it involves a man who expresses his interest to the daughter.

Image: Straits Times

However, this father in India seemed to have reacted too much after finding out that his daughter is with a man he doesn’t like.

According to World of Buzz, the father named Sarvesh Kumar from the Hardoi district of Uttar Pradesh, India, allegedly chopped off his 17-year-old daughter’s head after finding out about her relationship with a man he disliked.

Image: Straits Times

After his disturbing deed, he was seen calmly walking down the road for about 2 kilometers while holding the severed head of his daughter. When he reached the police station, he turned himself and the cops immediately arrested him.

When interrogated, Sarvesh said that he found his daughter alone at home, so, he locked her in a room and beheaded her with the use of a sharp ax. He even told the police that the “body” and the weapon were still left in the room.

Image: Straits Times

According to the police officers investigating the case, Sarvesh, who was a vegetable vendor spotted his daughter a few days ago in a compromising position with a man. Out of his anger, he decided to teach her daughter a lesson.

Meanwhile, his wife already testified about what happened and another police officer was also suspended after holding the severed head inappropriately.