“Giant Rat” found in a sewer system in Mexico City

In order to prevent flooding in many areas, it has been a routine for government agencies to perform clean-ups of their sewer system from time to time.

The cleanup crew of the sewer system of Mexico City is in-charge of cleaning over 22 tons of trash. But, they were surprised when what they managed to find is a giant rat under their drainage system.

Image: witter.com/IoganIermqn

The giant rat, which was almost as tall as a grown-up man, turns out to be a Halloween costume that had been washed out of its warehouse by the storm.

The huge rat ended up stuck in the network of sewer tunnels in the said city. It was estimated that it already stayed there for several years.

Image: witter.com/IoganIermqn

According to 9gag, a woman named Evelin López already stepped up to claim ownership towards the giant rat. She said that she made the costume out of scratch for a Halloween party.

She even added that the giant rat went missing when a torrential downpour happened in their area several years ago. She tried looking for it but all her efforts turned to waste.

Image: witter.com/IoganIermqn

Now that the Halloween costume is finally found, she is no longer sure if she will still keep it given that it already stayed in the drainage for several years.

On the other hand, there were people who pointed out that the giant rat is one example of the main causes of flooding not just in Mexico but also in the rest of the world. The reminder to always be mindful of our waste is once again given light.

Image: witter.com/IoganIermqn

No matter how small or big the waste is, it can still affect us in the future. So, always be responsible where you throw your trash.