Customer complains about not being able to put cards “horizontally” in a wallet she bought online

When you are doing a buy-and-sell business or any business for that matter, it is inevitable that you may encounter customers who are difficult to deal with. But, as a seller, you have to really be patient in dealing with them.

In the experience of this seller Rachel Smith, which she decided to share on Facebook, a customer ordered a wallet from her. Based on the screenshots she posted along with her post, the customer was filing a complaint about the item they received.

The customer’s complaint message went, “What’s wrong with your design? The size of the pocket is too small, can’t even fit in any cards. Also, the color looks weird, I wanted blue color & you all sent me the black one instead.”

Image: Rachel Smith/Facebook

The customer was unaware of the fact that cards should be stacked vertically so that they can fit the pockets inside the wallet. So, the seller tried to reply to the complaint in the calmest way possible.

The seller said, “Dear, you were meant to put it vertically for this design of the wallet. We indeed sent you the dark blue color, not black.”

Image: Rachel Smith/Facebook

According to World of Buzz, as if their previous banter was not enough, the customer even replied again and said, “If the design of the pockets in this wallet is vertical, isn’t it too wide for the cards? The design is ridiculous! Also, do you think I’m color blind? Obviously, this is black in color!”

Despite the difficult behavior of the customer, the seller still chose to stay calm and responded in a professional way. She said that the wallet is really designed that way as shown in a promotional video of their product. She also added that the color delivered to the customer is really blue that it was in a darker shade so it may look black at times.

Although it is inevitable for sellers to experience these types of difficult customers, it is always a must for them to be calm and professional in dealing with these people. So, we commend Rachel for her professionalism in dealing with this difficult customer.