Guy thought this ship is floating in the sky

When we walk, pass-by, or just sit along the shore, it is inevitable for anyone to see a small boat or even a huge ship sailing across the sea. Often, the water on which these vessels sail is being splashed because of the weight and the force of the vessel.

But, in this rare photo of a huge large ship in the middle of an ocean, it seems that it was sailing not on the water, but on the clouds. According to Daily Mail, a man named Colin McCallum spotted the red ship apparently hovering above the horizon as he traveled through Banff, Aberdeenshire.

Image: Colin McCallum

He did not hesitate to film the rare sight he was seeing right before his sight. True enough, when he shared the photo, people can’t believe what they are seeing. McCallum later revealed that he made his own research as to why the ship looked that way and he has come to the conclusion that it was all a product of optical illusion.

Low-lying clouds make it difficult to see where the pale blue water ends and the similar colored sky begins. Also adding to the illusion is the section of water closer to the shore, this particular part of the sea appears darker than the deeper parts of the ocean.

Image: Colin McCallum

Also, the keel part of the ship is submerged in the water but because of the similarities in the color of the ocean and the sky, it looks instead like a shallow vessel hovering above the horizon.

Many people who came across McCallum’s post also had to double-check if they were seeing things right. Well, this is just proof that even in random things we come across every single day, optical illusions still exist.