Dog visits owner everyday at detention facility, waiting for him to come out

Dogs will not be called a man’s best friend if they haven’t proven their loyalty towards their owners for several generations now. Yet again, these loyal creatures still continue to do so in their own way.

Just like in the story of this Aspin from Bohol. According to Facebook user Michael Sumaylo, he was intrigued as to why a brown dog was always seen outside of his office.

Image via Michael Sumaylo | Facebook

In his post shared via the Facebook group, Aspin Lovers Philippines, Sumaylo reveals that he found out that the dog was not just another stray dog looking for a place to stay. It was in fact, waiting for its owner to come out after he was involved in a case.

Image via Michael Sumaylo | Facebook

Sumaylo’s heart was broken after seeing the situation of the dog but at the same time, he finds it heart-warming that an animal has feelings too for its owner.

In a follow-up post, Sumaylo said that the police officers were kind enough to let the dog into their station. The Aspin sleeps beside the cell where its owner is. The inmates also give him food.

Image via Michael Sumaylo | Facebook

According to Kicker Daily, many who came across Sumaylo’s post cannot help but admire the dog’s loyalty but at the same time, they also worry that there will be no one left to take care of the dog because its owner is still stuck inside the cell.

Nonetheless, what the dog has done is still an act of heroism that is worthy of praise. Although they live for only a short time, they always make sure that what they do in this life matters to everyone close to their hearts.