Why you should not slam the birthday celebrant on their cakes

Nowadays, the pastry industry has developed to not just the usual cakes and cookies stuff. Anyone can now order any cake with their desired design and flavors of choice.

However, just like all any other things in the world, these pastries also have little secrets inside them that may sometimes pose danger to people if they are not careful enough in handling these delicious desserts.

Image: Chef like.lk/Facebook

In a post shared via the Facebook page Chef like.lk, a photo of a cake with tiny sticks in the middle can be seen. These sticks sometimes serve as a means for the designs on the cake to be balanced and at the same time cater to the preference of the customer.

However, a second photo shows that one of the sticks was accidentally stuck near the eyes of a woman. Although it was unclear as to how the stick managed to get there, the said page made the post a means to warn everyone of this possible danger.

Image: Chef like.lk/Facebook

Their caption reads, “There are pastries that place chopsticks inside the cakes, so think twice before you push someone’s head into celebrations.”

A third photo then shows the woman with a bandage on the right part of her face where the stick was previously seen. It was fortunate that her situation was given remedy immediately before it got much worse.

Image: Chef like.lk/Facebook

So, to everyone out there who may have come across this story, please always be careful when handling cakes or any other types of pastries. No one would ever want for a supposedly happy day of celebration to turn into a disaster.