Woman discovers an Island with a very odd shape on Google Map

We all have unlimited access to the vast information the internet has to offer. With gadgets and internet connections coming in handy to anyone, all that you will ever need is just at the end of your fingertips.

As for this woman named Joleen Vultaggio from Detroit, Michigan, while scrolling through Google Earth, she stumbled upon an island that is unusual in shape. It was an obscure, penis-shaped island in the Pacific Ocean.

Image: Google Maps

According to 9gag, this oddly-shaped island is located at Trinity Islands off New Caledonia. The island, although oddly-shaped was bordered by a clear blue sea and it is covered in lush green plants. A proof that it is a breathtaking sight one should definitely see.

Joleen, 50, a mom-of-two and a co-founder of a Facebook group for Google Earth super fans immediately marked the coordinates and decided to share it with their group who calls her discovery the “Penis Island.”

Image: The Sun

According to The Sun, Joleen says she’d really love to go and travel all the way to the island and “sit on the d**k.”

The members found her discovery both hilarious and amazing at the same time. This even prompted them to try and search for a “Vagina Island” too. If such a thing does exist, we will surely get an update from them soon.

Image: Google Maps

So, to those who also want to witness the “Penis Island” just go to your Google Maps app, punch in these co-ordinates 20°37’37”S 166°18’02”E, and hit the satellite view to take a look.