Lechon goes viral for having such a “perfect skin”

Lechon is a roasted pig dish that is often served during celebrations such as birthdays, weddings, festivals, or many other events. Aside from the mouth-watering taste of the meat, the skin of the Lechon is the part that is often consumed first because of its crispy texture.

As the Lechon is being roasted, it is inevitable that some parts of its skin may be burnt and wrinkled. This is why many were surprised when a photo of this Lechon with a seemingly “perfect skin” surfaced online.

Image: Mandy Ranes/Facebook

This photo was first uploaded by Facebook user Mandy Ranes who owns a business which he calls, “Mandy’s Lechon.” The said trending photo shows the shiny-skinned Lechon enclosed in a box ready for delivery to the lucky customer.

Image: Mandy Ranes/Facebook

It turns out though that the perfect-skinned Lechon is no longer a rare occurrence in Ranes’ business as most of the Lechon deliveries he posts on his account look identical to the trending one. This may be their signature recipe and is one of the secrets to their booming business.

People who came across the post just can’t help but comment on how tempting the Lechon looks and only imagining how crispy and tasty it must taste just by looking at it.

Image: Mandy Ranes/Facebook

As for Ranes, business is looking good for him as he is now receiving hundreds of friend requests since his glass skin Lechon became viral. May this overwhelming number of friend requests he received truly turn into his customers in the future. After all, everyone is just craving to get a taste of the “perfect skin” Lechon.