This site lets you stream on different radio stations around the world

Before the dawn of various technologies that we have now like cellphones, laptops, tablets and etc., people were first entertained by radio and black and white televisions.

These things may already be a thing of the past but no one can deny that even up to this day, they still play an important and nostalgic part in the lives of many people.

Image: Radio Garden

For sure, many will be delighted upon learning that there is a website/application that enables someone to listen to various radio stations across the globe right on their smartphones.

The site lets anyone listen to whatever radio station is playing near their location or even to a specific location of their choice anywhere in the world.

Image: Radio Garden

Upon opening the Radio Garden site, you will be faced with a world map with green dots in them. It turns out that these green dots on this Google Earth map represent radio stations all over the world.

It will then automatically detect your approximate location and play any random radio station that is airing at that moment.

Image: Radio Garden

You will also be given the option to click on any one of the dots, and you will immediately hear that station with very good reception. Plus, you will even have the chance to download the application version of the said website.

Whoever invented this site sure is a lifesaver and this invention is just genius.

You can also try out this global radio website, just click the link here.