Do you still remember that viral guy from Cebu named Berta? Here he is now!

The internet is really unpredictable, one morning you may be just sharing random posts in the comfort of the four walls of your room and the next thing you know, you or someone close to you is already a trending topic across various social media platforms.

Image: Facebook

This homeless guy from Cebu named Roberto Planado Jr. or more commonly known as Berta first gained attention on social media when a video of him speaking in English was shared several times. He was even featured in the magazine show, Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho which further enhanced his popularity.

Image: Facebook

On the said show, it was revealed that Berta was a victim of love, and the heartbreak he suffered from made him lose his sanity which eventually led him to 17 years of living in the street and depending on people for alms in order to eat.

Soon after his story was featured, there were many who were touched by his story and one of them was a vlogger named Anton Camilo who helped Berta get into and be treated at Safe Haven treatment recovery village.

According to Definitely Filipino, while there, Berta found a new life and has since stayed away from his previous practice. He even now looks better with his clean-cut hair and pleasant appearance. He can now talk to people in an orderly way and even works as a volunteer staff in the said recovery facility.

The future surely now looks bright for Berta and he is living proof that we all have a chance to change. As long as we live, there will be endless chances for us to live a better life and it is all up to us to grab this chance and become a better person not for anyone else but for ourselves.