Wife gifts husband photos of models he liked on Instagram on Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is that special day lovers all over the world can express their love for their other half through various gestures. It may be through a special date, a surprise, or even just simply saying their I Love You to each other.

As it turns out, not all the surprise gift people receive on this day are for expressing their love. There are others who choose to add a little humor with a hint of warning for their partners.

Image: @gr93la/Tiktok

Just like what this wife did when she prepared this special gift for her husband. Surely, you can’t find any other gift like this in any shop that sells gifts because these were all personalized.

Her gift, which was wrapped in red cover was all a product of her effort. They were photos of Instagram models that her husband liked.

Image: @gr93la/Tiktok

The cut-out photos in square shapes were taped to small wooden sticks and which are stuck into the packaging to display a mini wall of shame for her spouse. The photos, which are obviously screenshots from Instagram even showed the heart button in red which is “proof” that her husband indeed liked the series of photos of these models.

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According to 9Gag, she is now being branded as ‘The Queen of Petty’ after a TikTok video of her unique gift became viral.

Meanwhile, there were people who found the gift hilarious and savage at the same time. Others commented that they loved her idea and will also try to do something alike for their boyfriends or husbands.