Man accidentally swallows wireless earbuds while sleeping

Wireless earbuds are the kind of stuff we never know we needed until we get our hands on it. Being able to listen to your favorite songs or podcasts on repeat without being leashed to your wired earphones and even being at least a few meters away from your phone is such a life-changer.

But, of course, there are also a few things you need to observe when using your wireless earbuds. This guy from Worcester, Massachusetts in Boston, USA warns everyone against the use of wireless earbuds while falling asleep.

Image: Bradford Gauthier/Facebook

Bradford Gauthier shared his bizarre experience via a Facebook post detailing that he woke up one morning feeling just his usual self. A few moments later, he tried drinking water but he was shocked when it wouldn’t go down his throat.

He then had to lean over just to spill out the water to their sink. He felt gross and at the same time a heavy feeling on his chest. Despite this, he just assumed that his throat ran dry because of shoveling snow outside their home the previous night.

Never minding the unusual feeling that he has, he went to his room to look for the earbuds he was using the previous night. After looking around his room, he was only able to find one piece of the wireless earbuds.

His son even jokingly said that he might have swallowed the earbuds while he was sleeping. Still, the uncomfortable feeling he had continued which was why he was rushed to the ER, and an x-ray was done on him.

Image: Bradford Gauthier/Facebook

To his family’s surprise, an earbud was indeed found on the lower part of his esophagus. He had to undergo an emergency Endoscopy to have it removed.

For Bradford, he wants his experience to be a lesson to everyone to always be careful when listening to their wireless earbuds especially when falling asleep. He says one will never know where this little thing can end up.