This Puppy is born with only one eye

For fur parents, it is always an exciting and fun time to anticipate a cute addition to their fur-family. Especially that it will not be just one puppy that will be born into this world but two or even more than that.

However, it is also quite heartbreaking when something unexpected happens to a supposed-to-be happy occasion in the family.

Just like in the experience of this fur mom named Amie De Martin from Barangay Tagas, Tangalan, Aklan. According to GMA News, Amie’s beloved pet gave birth to a male pup at around 10 PM on February 6. It was the 6th pup that her beloved pet who has the mixed breed of Japanese spitz gave birth to.

Image: Amie De Martin/GMA News

They were shocked when they saw that the said puppy had one eye. Aside from having just one eye, the puppy had no nose and its mouth was also deformed. Fearing for its life, they immediately rushed it to the veterinarian but it was not enough as the poor puppy lost its life just a few hours after.

Image: Amie De Martin/GMA News

It is believed that the mom of the poor puppy might have eaten some sort of toxin or it may also be because of her menopausal that the pup had some deformity on its body.

Meanwhile, the family plans to preserve the body of the puppy just to cherish its life and make it a reminder that they once had him as a part of their life. Only that it was all just for a short time.