Newlywed receives house and lot and cash cape worth 1M pesos from generous parents

When it comes to weddings, aside from the to-be-wed couple, the parents are the ones who are more excited to witness the union of their beloved child to another person who will also become part of their family.

This couple from Tagum, Davao Del Norte seemed like they won straight out of a lottery just by marrying each other. Of course, it is already a given that they will be spending the rest of their lives with the person they love the most but it even a bonus that their parents are very supportive of their union.

Image: Teressa Torres Uddin/Facebook

Mr. and Mrs. Marvin and Keeshia Lupio received a whopping 20,000 US Dollars (roughly 1 million pesos) in the form of a money cape from their parents plus a house and lot (reportedly costs PHP 10 million)!

Teressa Torres Uddin/Facebook

Many guests who attended the wedding shared photos of the grand gesture done by the parents. These photos instantly became viral online and people can’t help but say their “Sana all” while at it.

Image: Teressa Torres Uddin/Facebook

But, one of the guests from the wedding shared the heartwarming message the parents had behind the extravagant gift given to the couple.

The bride’s dad said in his speech that all that they have given the couple were the results of his sleepless nights. He added that he never wanted his children to experience the hard life they suffered from when they were younger which was having no permanent home and kept on jumping from one to the other because they have no money to pay the rent.

He even reminded the two that whatever he had worked so hard for in his lifetime, it was all for the welfare of his children.

God bless and best wishes to the newly-married couple! May your love continue to prosper in the years to come. Cheers!