Baby hospitalized after ingesting metal fragment of strainer used to prepare food

Taking care of babies at home is already a lot of work. You have to pay attention to the kind of food that you prepare and also the tools you use in preparing it in order to avoid possible worst outcomes that may affect the health of your baby.

This is why a mom is truly regretful when her little mishap on preparing food for her baby turned into a big problem which even led to the child being rushed to the nearest hospital.

Image: Vibol Srey, Doctor Parenting/Facebook

According to Kicker Daily, Vibol Srey has shared his experience about an 8-month-old baby in Vietnam who suffered from excruciating pain.

It turns out that the mother fed him porridge but she used a broken steel strainer to prepare it. Unknowingly, a piece of wire was chipped off and somehow made its way into the baby’s throat when he swallowed a serving of his food.

Image: Vibol Srey, Doctor Parenting/Facebook

Matters even got worse when the child started vomiting and he refuses to eat. This was when the mom realized that the baby may be suffering from something that they cannot see.

So, they rushed him to the hospital and an X-ray was done on him and when his throat was checked, a wire – almost 2 inches long – was seen.

Image: Vibol Srey, Doctor Parenting/Facebook

Doctors immediately performed an operation to remove it. Lucky for the child’s parents that they were able to rush him to the hospital or he could have suffered the worst outcomes.

Image: Vibol Srey, Doctor Parenting/Facebook

May this be a warning to all parents out there to always be observant of the things we use in preparing food for our delicate children. We may never know how a small thing can affect their health. The next time you see a broken steel strainer at home, better refrain from using it or instead, just buy and use a plastic one.

It is always better to be extra careful in everything that we do than be regretful when it is all too late.