Bride asks groom to let her hug Ex-BF for one last time

In relationships, it is normal for one or both of the parties involved to have past lovers who have also been a part of their lives. Some of which may be on bad terms with them but there are also exes who choose to be still friends with their previous lovers.

As for this bride though, she did not only remain on good terms with her ex but he was even invited on her wedding day. In a clip first uploaded by user @mayangkumay on Tiktok, a groom and a bride can be seen.

Image: @mayangkumay/Tiktok

The video is either filmed in Indonesia or Malaysia as cited by few sites like Rachfeed and The Sun. A few moments into the clip, a male guest approached the couple to congratulate them on such an important day in their life.

Image: @mayangkumay/Tiktok

But, to everyone’s surprise, it turns out that the guy is not just another ordinary guest at the wedding. He was, in fact, the ex-boyfriend of the bride. Everyone in the hall then got curious as to what might transpire between the three so they decided to take a video of the moment.

Image: @mayangkumay/Tiktok

The guy first extended his hand to the bride. Then, the bride turned to her groom while raising her index finger and asked permission if she could hug her ex for one last time.

Image: @mayangkumay/Tiktok

Although hesitant, the groom still managed to smile and nod, a gesture signaling his approval for his bride’s unusual request. After a short moment, the guy then turned to the groom to also extend his greetings to him. The two even hook hands and hugged each other too.


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People are now praising the groom for being such a good sport and not letting any insecurity get in the way of his love for his bride. After all, the ex is already part of the past and he is the present and the future of his now beloved wife.