RC Cola’s ads featured in Ellen De Generes show

Countless advertisements are shown on TV, on the internet, and even on the radio on a daily basis. Out of these countless ads, there are certain ones that just catch the attention of people. One of which is this controversial commercial from the soda company, RC Cola.

Image: RC Cola Company

When the RC Cola commercial was first released in the Philippines, there were various reactions from people who saw it. There are ones who find the whole plot funny and there are also others who decided to find a deeper meaning into the unusual plot of the whole commercial.

This time, it was the renowned TV host, Ellen De Generes who came across this RC Cola advertisement. In a mini guessing game called “What’s going to happen next on this crazy commercial?” on her famous Ellen De Generes show, Ellen and her guest, Twitch try their luck into guessing.

Image: EllenTube

The beginning of the commercial was first shown where the kid comes home from school with tears streaming down his face. He then asks his mom about his true identity as he takes off his shirt only to reveal four clear glasses embedded on his back.

Image: RC Cola Company

The clip stops there along with the question, “what happens next?”

To this, Ellen and Twitch took their choice of what’s next but the two of them were both wrong with what they chose. It turns out that the most outrageous choice will be the correct answer – that is the mom taking off her head and pouring soda into the glasses.

Quite unexpected but it all just completes the puzzle of a family happily sipping on cups of soda.