Xian Gaza offers car to famous Tiktok model Yuki Takahashi as friendship gift

In the past years, Xian Gaza has earned a reputation for himself as that guy who gives extravagant gifts to celebrities like Liza Soberano, Erich Gonzales, and Nadine Lustre. His gifts range from artwork to a billboard asking Erich to go out with him and even a brand new car.

This time, he took his extravagant gift-giving to another level as he posted his birthday gift to the famous Tiktoker, Yuki Takahashi.

Via a Facebook post, Gaza shared his long letter to Takahashi. He started with introducing himself, then recalled his past experiences with celebrities before he finally proceeded with giving details about his gift and expressing his admiration for Takahashi.

Image: Yuki Takahashi/Facebook

He says that upon scrolling through Tiktok, he stumbled upon Takahashi’s profile and was instantly hooked by her dance moves and left in awe of her beauty.

Image: Xian Gaza/Facebook

He then developed a crush for her which led him to decide on giving her a special gift for her birthday. Well, given his reputation, one can expect that his gift will truly be something extra special. In this case, it was a Mitsubishi Mirage.

In the later part of his letter to Takahashi, Gaza said that all he wants is to be a virtual friend of Takahashi, nothing more and nothing less.Gaza even shared screenshots of his payments for the Mirage that he bought for Takahashi.

To those who may not know her, Yuki Takahashi is a famous Tiktok personality with over 4.1 million followers on the said app. She has numerous videos uploaded via the app that has already gained millions of views.

Takahashi recently celebrated her 19th birthday in which she thanked her followers for their warm greetings and birthday wishes for her.