Student goes viral after falling asleep with his camera on during a zoom meeting

In this so-called “new normal” set-up that we are all in, in order to lessen the chances of a person catching the dreaded COVID-19, most meetings and classes are being held online. This is most commonly done via zoom meetings where several people from various locations can get together and share a single computer screen to discuss some topics.

A guy named Renz Jay Tanginan just had a hilarious and will probably one of the most unforgettable moments in his life when he fell asleep during a zoom meeting.

Image: Renz Jay Tanginan/Facebook

To even make matters worse, he even had his camera turned on – so everyone else who participated in the said meeting witnessed him sleeping all throughout the duration of the meeting.

He shared his experience via a Facebook post which he captioned “may zoom meeting pa pala nakatulog na ko.” Along with the post, he uploaded a screenshot of his messenger inbox which is full of messages from his friends trying to wake him up and informing him of the embarrassing situation he is in.

Another photo seen in his upload is an actual captured photo of himself in the zoom screen of one of his colleagues, and it is obvious by his position that he was true, sleeping. He even had his hand over his head and was assumed to be snoring comfortably.

One good thing from this embarrassing moment of his is that his mic was turned off, if it was turned on, we can only imagine how much more embarrassed he may have been.

Because of his hilarious experience, Tanginan’s post became trending and it now has over 136,000 reactions with over 93,000 shares.