Teacher hilariously responds to student’s query on her wedding day

The job of being a teacher does not just start and end on the four walls of the classroom. They often have to extend several more hours just to finish their activities at school or answer queries from their students.

Now that the education sector has shifted to distance learning, teachers are extra challenged as they now have to answer questions of students about their lessons, requests, and queries 24 hours a day and seven days per week.

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Of course, teachers are still up to that challenge and are very much willing to cater to the needs of their students. Just like this particular teacher who still managed to hilariously answer her student just a few moments before her wedding!

Originally posted by a Facebook user named Irish Jeanne, the now-viral photo was just a screenshot of an innocent conversation between a student and her teacher. In the said screenshot, the student asked about where she can find her quiz papers which were already corrected by her teacher. She also added that she managed to find some but not all of the papers that she has submitted.

Image: Irish Jeanne/Facebook

To this, her teacher replied with a selfie of her wearing her wedding dress along with her message to the student saying that she will need to wait for a moment as she will still attend her wedding. But, she assured the student that she will reply to her later.

People who came across the post just can’t help but laugh at how hilarious the simple conversation is. Well, who wouldn’t right? It seems that this teacher still has a lot to do after her wedding ceremony. Perhaps, the honeymoon can wait too?