Sick teacher worries and works on grades the night before he passed away

They say, our teachers are considered as our second parents. We spend almost 10 hours per day and 5 days per week in school which means that most of our daily time is spent together with our classmates and teachers.

So, as second parents, their role does not just end with trying to teach children lessons in each subject but also lessons in life that they can carry forever.

This teacher in our story is not just admirable but a very inspiring one as he showed his dedication to his students and to his profession – even in the last moments of his life.

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A loving daughter, Sandra Venegas, took to Facebook and shared the inspiring and at the same time, sad story of her father.

Along with a photo of her father sitting on his hospital bed with his laptop opened, Venegas shares that his father was still working on finalizing the grades for progress reports of students.

Image: Sandra Venegas/Facebook

Sadly, after just a day since his photo was posted, he passed away.

It was a tough time for the Venegas Family, but in her post, Sandra says that she hopes that the story of his father will be an inspiration not just to his co-teachers but also to his beloved students, to let them realize the value of the sacrifice that their teachers are doing just to provide them with quality education.

She clarified at the end of the post that her father did not die due to COVID-19 or anything related COVID.

We salute all the teachers in the world, may you continue to be a blessing to every student you will ever teach.