Man in tears after customer didn’t pick up PHP70k worth of order

It is really hard to make a living for your family. This time, it is even harder for most of our kababayans because of the pandemic that we are facing. More so to the parol makers who often have a huge income during the holidays, but because of the restrictions announced by the government, their supposed income was also halted.

Image: Arlene Simon/Facebook

It was an even worse experience for Arlene Simon, a parol maker from Manila who got ditched by a customer who orders PHP100k worth of parol products.

Via a Facebook post, Arlene shared a video of the different colors of Parol he and his workers made in accordance with an “order” from a customer. In the said clip, children playing in the area can even be heard saying that they are expecting that their parents will be paid the following day for working on the parol shop. Too bad, that is no longer the case.

Simon then posted a photo of himself with tears in his eyes saying that he just can’t help but cry because he no longer knows what to do as the money he used to buy the raw materials for the parol making was all from loans. Thinking that he can easily pay them off when he receives the payment for the order.

Image: Arlene Simon/Facebook

Many were touched by Simon’s post that it instantly became viral.

And, in less than a day since his post, it already reached the good mayor of Manila, Isko Moreno. The mayor immediately dispatched a team to find Simon’s location.

In another video, it can be seen that a group of people is already carrying the parols out of the shop and into a car where they are stacked and will be delivered somewhere. It turns out that these people are from Mayor Isko Moreno’s office and that he already contacted Simon and they came to an agreement where the mayor bought all of the parols that they have made.

Simon just can’t help but be overwhelmed by the support he has received. His eyes are still glittering but this time, they were tears of pure joy and happiness.

Image: Arlene Simon/Facebook

Truly amazing how social media works for people who need it most. Kudos to Mayor Isko and his team!