10 pictures that will make you feel nostalgic

Time is one thing in this world that can no longer be returned no matter how we try. All we can do is reminisce the past and feel nostalgic for all the things we used to have and do during those times that are now gone.

So, to feed your nostalgia even more, here are ten things that you will surely remember as part of your childhood or early adolescent life as compiled by the Facebook page, Trend.ly:

The iconic Nokia Phone

Image: Trend.ly/Facebook

Well, who can ever forget, probably the first “cellular phone” most of us ever had or the first one that taught us how to text, call, and all the other things we can now do with our more advanced smartphones.


Image: Trend.ly/Facebook

Before Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, everyone was first hooked to the first version of social media, Friendster. On this site, one can even personalize the background colors and designs on their profile. They can even add background music to complete the personalization of their profiles.

Super Mario

Image: Trend.ly/Facebook

Before the more advanced play stations, we had this Super Mario game which can be played on TV sets by using a CD player and a game console to control the movements of the Mario character in the game.

Improvised Feather Firecracker

Image: Trend.ly/Facebook

Back to the time when kids are makers of their own toys, many rely on improvising things around them to create stuff that they can have fun with. This improvised firecracker with feathers on its design is one of them. Who can ever forget?

Cali Drink

Image: Trend.ly/Facebook

Were you also part of the many people who believed that this Cali drink can get you drunk? Well, surprise! You aren’t the only one.

Foil Teeth

Image: Trend.ly/Facebook

Back in the days, many candies are packed using foil packets, so, as a way of playing with these packaging, kids use the foil packets to stick in their teeth and make it seem like they have silver teeth. Lame but it sure is the funny times.

Marbles and Tiny Square Papers

Image: Trend.ly/Facebook

Playing in the streets were the main thing for 90’s kids and marbles and these tiny square papers which are used as a substitute for money are just a few of the things that are considered an essential part of the daily playing cycle.

Traditionally-designed Plates

Image: Trend.ly/Facebook

Sure enough, if you will only have the time to search inside your home, you can still spot these iconic plates which are often hoarded by our grandma or our moms. There’s just something about these pieces of plates that makes them iconic.

Iconic Home Decor

Image: Trend.ly/Facebook

Of course, any family home will not be complete without portraits of family members during graduations, weddings, or any important events in their lives. But, this decoration made from various colors of metallic paper is what completes the overall look of the family home. Have you had this decoration in your home too?


Image: Trend.ly/Facebook

In order to organize notes during classes, many students tend to do this paper folding technique to separate each quarter of their lessons so that they will not be confused when trying to find a certain lesson or when studying for exams.

Well, which one of these iconic and nostalgic 90’s kid’s memories was the most memorable for you?