Zeinab Harake reveals she is pregnant in emotional birthday vlog

Zeinab Harake has earned a name for herself and a huge following ever since she started her Youtube channel back in 2017. She now has over 8.6 million followers on the said channel and her fans just can’t get enough of her bubbly personality.

Of course, aside from being famous on her own, people are also aware of the highly publicized on and off relationship of Zeinab with OPM singer Daryl Ruiz or better known as Skusta Clee.

Image: Zeinab Harake/Youtube

The two had been dating for a while before they called it quits earlier this year. Now, to everyone’s surprise, Zeinab revealed in her “Birthday Surprise Revelation” vlog that she and Daryl are back together.

Image: Zeinab Harake/Youtube

The vlogger then went on to give details on how they got back together which was back in July when a common friend of theirs, Athena died. It was during this time that they realized a lot of things in their relationship and decided to patch things up.

Zeinab then went on to reveal something that has been bothering her for a few months now. She says that back on October 6, she got to know that she was pregnant.

Image: Zeinab Harake/Youtube

To her, this is the greatest blessing she has received in her 23 years of existence and this is something that she is so happy and excited about. Although she was in tears in some parts of the clip, she still managed to reveal to everyone how she was feeling and it somehow relieved her from all her worries since the day she knew of her situation.

Later on in the video, Daryl appears and the singer went on to describe what they went through when they revealed the big news to both of their families who were luckily both supportive of them in this new journey in their lives.

Meanwhile, on the comments section of Zeinab’s vlog, popular Youtubers like Awra Briguela, Makagago and other celebs expressed their support for Zeinab.