Student carried away and hilariously adds “Amen” in message to teacher

In the new normal set-up of the education system, classes are being held online. Students and teachers meet-up and discuss their lessons via online meeting apps and activities related to their school works are also submitted via the online platform.

As such, there are times when students have special requests to their teachers which prompts them to send a direct or a private message to the latter. Of course, when doing so, students also try to make an effort for their message to be as formal as possible because they are talking to someone that they respect.

Image: Nico Nazaire/Facebook

This is why this student was really embarrassed when he ended up adding “In Jesus’ name. Amen” on his message to his teacher.

Facebook user Nico Nazaire shared a screenshot of his message to his teacher in which he is requesting a certain topic of their subject to be “unhidden” in the learning site that they use for the convenience of everyone.

His supposed message should have already ended with “yun lang po” but Nico unconsciously added “In Jesus’ name. Amen” to his message. In his post, he shared how embarrassed he was when he read the message again after sending it. He even jokingly said that he thought he was already talking to the Lord while typing his message.

Image: Nico Nazaire/Facebook

Plus, he can no longer “unsend” the message because it was already seen by his teacher, and the teacher even already had a reply to him. He just had to apologize for the “lutang” moment that he had.

Meanwhile, many can’t help but laugh when they encountered Nico’s lutang moment. In fact, his post really gained a lot of attention from social media that it now has over 13,000 shares and 23,000 reactions in less than 24 hours since it was first posted.

Well, we can’t deny it, we all have these lutang moments once in a while but Nico’s just happened to have proof as it happened via a chat. Can you share your most lutang moments with us too?