Man walks 450km to calm down after having an argument with wife

In order to keep away and not let any argument get worse, there are people who choose to be silent, there are also others who distance themselves from whoever it is that they are having a little quarrel with.

In the case of this man, he literally decided to “ stay away” after having an argument with his wife. Well, as if it wasn’t a big deal at all, he just walked 450 km in order to calm himself down.

Image: 9gag

According to 9gag, a 48-year-old Italian man, whose name remains undisclosed started his walk in Como, in the north of Italy near to the Swiss border, and ended 450 km south in the small town of Fano on the Adriatic coastline.

After his long walk, the man was picked up by police officers because he breached the country’s lockdown curfew norms. They were even surprised to know the distance that he already walked.

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Authorities then started investigating the man’s case and found that he was reported missing by his own wife for one week already.

When asked, the man appeared to still be on his right mind but he was cold and tired. He even recalls that he just walked on foot and have not used any type of transportation. He also admitted that he lost track of how long he has walked in an effort to clear his mind from the argument with his wife.

Later on, the man’s wife arrived to fetch him after she was informed by the authorities about the whereabouts of her husband. She also confirmed the claim made by her husband that they indeed had an argument before he went missing.

Although happy to be united again, the wife had to pay for the overnight hotel bill of her husband in Fano and he was also fined 484.5 USD for breaching the COVID-19 related curfew being implemented in the whole country.