Wife hides inside the ceiling of a motel after being caught cheating by husband

Marriage is sacred. This is why infidelity is something that is greatly condemned not just by the affected parties but even the people around them.

As for the case of this wife, her effort to get away from the infidelity she did to her husband turned out to be a hilarious one. We are talking about this wife from Cebu, who decided to hide inside the ceiling of a motel after she was caught by her own husband!

Her husband, who works as a seafarer reportedly went straight to the motel room after he saw his wife entering the premises after she got off from a taxi together with her alleged another man.

Image: Edward Ligas

ABS-CBN news further stated that the husband and wife rode together a taxi from their home. Then the wife got off at her workplace. But, to the husband’s surprise, instead of heading inside the office, she hailed another taxi and went somewhere else. This is the time that the husband knew something was wrong which was why he decided to follow his wife.

It was then that he found out that the taxi she was in went to a pier, fetched another man and the two went to a motel together.

A friend of the husband, international boxing judge Edward Ligas was the one who called police officers to the scene where they found no traces of the wife, and only the other man was found outside the motel room.

Well, not until a small part of the ceiling of the motel fell off and the sandals of the wife fell off from out of nowhere. This gave the police the idea that she may be hiding inside that ceiling.

They urged to woman to come down but she did not do so which prompted a policewoman to go up the ceiling too and force the wife to come out of it.

The husband further said that back in 2017, one of their children also caught the wife with someone else. Since then, the husband had doubts that the wife really did not end her ties with her other man as he noticed changes in her behavior.

Later on, it was revealed that the other man also works as a seafarer. Furthermore, the husband is determined to file a case against the two.