Netizen explains RC Cola’s viral ad

Advertisements, whether we like them or not are already a part of our daily lives. It is present in almost everything that we do.

More recently, a particular advertisement by RC Cola managed to capture the attention of people because of its unusual content which started with a little drama but ended up being funny stuff.

Image: RC Cola Philippines/Facebook

Now, barely two days since the commercial was first posted, someone shared another perspective of the trending commercial.

Shared via the Facebook page, Idealogy, netizen Daniel de la Cruz summarize the whole commercial with this statement, “It takes courage for a mother to share something she may keep inside, but it’s something that can fill the emptiness of a child that he may also constantly hide.”

Image: RC Cola Philippines/Facebook

As the child is seen crying while questioning his true identity as part of the family at the beginning of the ad, this is explained as someone who has a longing and emptiness that the child is feeling for a long time and no one else can fill that emptiness but his mother.

Image: RC Cola Philippines/Facebook

As the mom unveils her true self, which was her head being comprised on an RC Cola bottle, this depicts the hardship she went through just to in order to fill in the emptiness her child was feeling. To finally reveal the truth and share it with others is something very fulfilling on her part.

Later on, the glasses were filled and the whole family enjoyed the moment of their togetherness. This incorporates the RC Cola tagline, “Kapag merong problema, mapag-uusapqn kasama ang RC Cola.”

The advertisers really did a good job in depicting these meanings to an otherwise weird and disturbing advertisement. Nonetheless, it is good that someone managed to point out the values hidden in this ad and no matter how disturbing it may seem, the ad is still worth sharing.