Customer buys $7 lunch and leaves $3,000 tip to a restaurant

The COVID-19 pandemic has been such a huge blow to the economy all over the world. Because of restrictions in the movement of people, restaurants and other business establishments suffer huge losses and are forced to close down.

With this unfortunate situation, it is good to know that there are still people who choose to spread kindness to others. Just like this guy who chose to remain anonymous after leaving a whooping $3,000 dollar tip to a local restaurant in Cleveland.

Image: Brendon Ring

According to CNN, Brendon Ring, the owner of a local restaurant called Nighttown said that he was having lunch at his restaurant when a semi-regular customer came over and left his check at his table that included a $3,000 tip.

Ring further said that because of the rising COVID-19 cases in Ohio, he decided to voluntarily close down his restaurant until January. During their last day, they got really busy as a lot of their regular customers came to the restaurant.

Image: Brendon Ring

Later on, a man came in and ordered a pint of Stella, took a few sips on it, and said that he will just get his check. Then, the man went to Ring’s table and handed him a check, it was a $3,000 tip on a $7 bill. He also said “Good luck to you guys and we’ll see you when you reopen” before walking away.

Ring, being still in shock even went after the customer to confirm the tip, maybe he just made a mistake, but the customer confirmed it and said that Ring should share it with his staff.

Ring still can’t believe the generosity of his customer but he was thankful for knowing that despite the hard situation we are all facing, there are still people who choose to do good. May these kinds of deeds create a ripple and spread all throughout the world.