This girl wears a ball gown to take on the new challenge

Online shopping is all fun stuff until you receive a text message saying your order has arrived and you need to lazily get out of bed with your comfy clothes on looking as at home as you can, have to face the delivery guy, and worse, take a photo with your parcel as a proof that you have received it.

Well, of course, they may not give a lot of attention as to how you look in the said proof of delivery but it always pays to look good in photos. This is why the #proofparcelreceivedchallenge was launched and people just can’t help but show off their stunning looks while receiving a package they ordered online.

Image: Taylor Sarita/Facebook

The latest addition to this long list of online customers who went a little extra while receiving their package is a Facebook user, Taylor Sarita.

In a post, Sarita shares that when she received a text message from the courier, she immediately got up on her feet to dress up. Well, she ended up wearing a red ball gown, something that we often see people wear in grand events like debuts or proms.

Image: Taylor Sarita/Facebook

In the photos uploaded with her post, Sarita is seen carrying the parcel she received while posing for the camera. Her wide smile shows that it was as if she won the coveted Prom Queen title during her prom night, only that her crown happens to be that rectangular parcel that she received.

Image: Taylor Sarita/Facebook

Even the delivery guy was very accommodating in taking several photos of Sarita. It was as if she was having a little pictorial of her own.

Netizens took quick notice of Sarita’s extra effort in receiving her package that resulted in her post becoming a viral hit just a few hours since it was first posted.