Psychic Rudy Baldwin has 5 new alarming predictions

Rudy Baldwin has been known on social media as that Psychic who predicts some of the most heartbreaking news that we have received this year. From Kobe Bryant’s death to the eruption of Taal Volcano, to Lloyd Cadena’s sudden death, all of these are just a few of the predictions Rudy posted that eventually came true.

Image: Rated Korina/Facebook

In her latest interview with Rated Korina, Rudy shares 5 new alarming predictions that can greatly affect our country. Read along to find out what are these.

First, an Asian leader will meet a sudden death. The said person may die while standing in front of a crowd or while he is asleep.

Image: Rated Korina/Facebook

There will be a huge tragedy in the sea. There will be countless lives that will be lost because the tragedy involves a huge boat carrying a lot of passengers.

The whole showbiz industry will mourn because three celebrities will die. The first celebrity is someone Rudy calls a “legend”. He or she is still famous in various fields in the showbiz world and the death will be because of an illness.

The next celeb will be a guy and the cause of death will be murder, suspects will enter the home of the celebrity and that will lead to his death. The next one is a young celebrity guy who will lose his life through an accident. Rudy also says that the word “careless” will be involved in the third death that she predicted.

Image: Rated Korina/Facebook

Fourth from her predictions is a larger explosion from Taal Volcano. It will be much bigger than the previous explosion so everyone should be prepared.

For the fifth and last one, Rudy says that we will experience much more drastic disturbances from Mother Nature. Calamities and crime rates will also alarmingly increase.

All of these may seem alarming to all of us but Rudy reminds everyone that there is no one who can predict the 100% chance of a certain moment happening in the future. All of which still lies in the almighty.

So, do not forget to always pray. After all, this is still our strongest power against any other adversities that may come our way.