Family in Cagayan sleeps on the roof due to heavy flooding brought by typhoon Ulysses

Typhoon Ulysses may not be the strongest typhoon to ever hit the Philippines but the damages it has caused to the whole country is something that will forever remain as a bad memory especially to the people who were greatly affected by the flooding that the said typhoon left.

Just like these families in Barangay Iraga, in the town of Solana in Cagayan. Photos uploaded on social media shows a family with all their beddings and possibly all the stuff that they can save from their home staying on the roof of their residence.

Image: Francis Jorque/Cagayan Provincial Information Office

It further shows that although the rain already stopped, the flood in the area was intense that it could almost reach the roof of many houses. Some members of the family are sleeping but we can only imagine how terrifying this situation is for all of them.

In another photo, a man is seen also on the roof of his home, just trying to stay still until help comes to them. Fervently praying that the flood will no longer rise so they can still be safe.

Image: Francis Jorque/Cagayan Provincial Information Office

Meanwhile, according to ABS-CBN News, the situation of these families was already raised to the rescue team of the said town and surely, help will soon come to them.

It is very unfortunate that a lot of our countrymen are suffering from the onslaught of Typhoon Ulysses that has greatly affected most parts of the country. Together, let us help each other in overcoming yet another crisis that has occurred in our country.

If you can donate, please do not hesitate to do so as your little help will surely go a long way. If you are struggling too, please continue to pray for the betterment not just of yourself but also of other people. As Filipinos, we can surely rise through this challenge, together.