Kid who joined bike race without any gears gets help from a generous man

Photos of this barefoot kid who joined a bike race in Cambodia first got the attention of netizens because many were amazed by his determination to continue with the race even without any safety gear on his body.

Image: Cambodia MTB Series/Facebook

His perseverance to keep going despite the difficulty along the race is what made him a winner in his own way that many people cannot help but extend their words of encouragement to him.

Image: Kapadyak/Facebook

As for this guy named Lang Tyleang, he really went out of his way to reach out and find this kid in the viral photos in order to reward him.

Via a post, he happily shared that he has finally found the boy and as a reward for his hard work and good attitude, he rewarded him with a new bike!

Image: Lang Tyleang/Facebook

He also shared a photo of the house where the boy lives in. It shows that the boy’s family was really poor as only GI sheets served as the walls on one part of the house while on the other part, there were worn-out sacks. It even had holes around it but somehow, despite this situation, the boy still hopes and believes in the power of his dreams.

Image: Lang Tyleang/Facebook

His photos, which earned him the attention not just of the people in his country but even around the world will now serve as his door for many more opportunities that will come his way.

Surely, if he continues to be dedicated to his craft, he will surely go a long way and eventually excel as a great biker in the future.