Barefooted kid who joins bike race without any gears earns worldwide attention for his determination

Determination and perseverance are two things that can make people excel in ways they never expected. Although in life, the journey is never a paved highway these two traits are the vital ones that a person needs in order to survive a rough patch in life.

As for this boy in a now-viral photo, his passion and determination to win an extreme bike race in Cambodia managed to overpower his physical incapabilities.

Image: Cambodia MTB Series/Facebook

His photos, which were first uploaded by the Facebook page, Cambodia MTB Series gained a lot of attention worldwide because it shows the boy with his game face on but without any safety gear on his body. Not even a pair of shoes as he was barefooted!

A Reddit user also posted his photo along with the caption, “Gears doesn’t matter”. He was also featured in a 9gag article which described him as a “hard grinder.”

Image: Kapadyak/Facebook

A few more scroll into the uploaded photos of the said page and you will discover that this boy is not the only determined one.

There are at least two more boys who are just like him, are doing their best to win the race even without the necessary safety gear on their bodies.

Image: Cambodia MTB Series/Facebook

One was this younger boy who pedals his way through the muddy terrain but at least, he was wearing slippers.

Image: Cambodia MTB Series/Facebook

Another one was this guy who was wearing a checkered long-sleeve shirt while trying his best to catch up on another contestant who was in full gear.

Image: Cambodia MTB Series/Facebook

While it was still unclear if any of these boys have won the race, what remains clear is that whether they win or lose, their determination and perseverance will surely take them a long way in their journey in life. Now may not be their time but surely, it will come.

Update: Kid who joined bike race without any gears gets help from a generous man

We are still waiting for the response of Cambodia MTB Series page for the information of these boys in case you want to reach out and sponsor them some gears or your used bikes.