This “sniper” kid can hit anything in just one shot using his rubber band slingshot

There are really people who overflow with talent that viewers cannot help but be amazed by their skills and be left wanting for more. That is exactly the case with this wonder kid from Thailand named Gaffrie.

Gaffrie, 12-years-old joined a show called Super 10. A Thai TV show who lets kids show their talents by completing some missions, and they will be rewarded with whatever they want.

In Gaffrie’s case, he showed off his talent in sharpshooting with the use of an improvised rubber band sniper. He was first challenged into shooting mangoes that hang from a tree. There were three mangoes and Gaffrie was able to hit them all with just a single try for each.

Then, the host took the challenge further by challenging Gaffrie into shooting water balloons. Well, it might have been easier than shooting mangoes but this time, Gaffrie has to shoot from a farther distance of approximately 20 meters. Despite the challenge, the kid was still able to pull it off as he hit two balloons without even blinking an eye.

Then, for the last part, he needs to hit a very small stone with the same distance. This time, he is given three chances to succeed. However, Gaffrie no longer needed the other two chances as he immediately hit the target in just 1 try!

When the judges were asked to give their opinion on Gaffrie’s performance, they were all amazed and immediately gave their sweet YES to the kid.

Later on, Gaffrie revealed that all he joined the contest because he wanted to pay off the debt of his mom which amount to 40,000 Thai Baht, and also to buy a new lawnmower for his dad. The show, being true to their nature then granted Gaffrie’s wish as they gave him 50,000 Thai Baht.

The kid just can’t help but cry out of happiness for finally fulfilling his promise to his parents even at such a young age.