How the driver gets off his car on this narrow garage revealed in video

It is always part of everyone’s goal to own a car. The convenience of having one of your own so that you can go to places, wherever that is, without needing to transfer from one public transportation to another is already a huge advantage.

But sometimes, even when one can already afford a car, they still can’t buy it because of one big problem – the parking space. So, many were amazed when a photo of a car in an improvised garage in between the walls of two houses became a hot topic online.

Image: Facebook

The said photo shows a black car perfectly parked on an elevated garage. The said garage was just big enough for the car to fit in it so people began to question, “where will the driver get off?”

Because of the overflowing questions, the family who owns the black car finally answered. Via a video uploaded by a Facebook user named Norman Gabrinao, they showed how the car can go up from the main road to the elevated garage.

But then, the question which concerns the still remained as opening the driver’s door is impossible at this point and breaking the glass is also not an option. So, when people least expect it, the driver came out from the trunk of the car!

Well, after turning off the engine, he made his way to the backseat then climbed over to the trunk part and opened the trunk from the inside to finally get off the car! Truly an amazing idea.

According to Norman, the garage was an ingenious idea of his sister, Jheng, and their dad, Florentino was the one who worked on it and made it a reality.

Watch the video here:

This is just another proof that if you really want something to happen, there is always a way for it to come true.