James Reid attitude for friends revealed after Billy Crawford pranks him to borrow millions of money

Prank calls are often done by people on TV to test how certain people react to a sudden situation. The reaction may be bad or good but this is all done just for fun.

Billy Crawford, who is the main host of TV 5’s noontime show, Lunch Out Loud recently made a prank call to one of his close friends, James Reid.

Image: Viva Entertainment

During the short phone call, Billy started off by having a little pep talk with James congratulating him about the new album released by Careless PH and asking him if he was doing fine.

Then Billy went on with his agenda which was to pretend that he was short on money and needs help financially. He said that he is about to lose his house and is only given a few months to pay off his debt. He added that he plans to borrow PHP 5 million from James.

Image: ABS-CBN Entertainment

To this, James answered that of course, he is willing to lend money to Billy but most of his money is still in Australia and he only has a little amount here in his PH bank account. James then said that he will transfer the remaining money on his bank account to Billy.

Billy then asked if James was pissed with his but James said that he completely understands Billy’s situation because his wife just gave birth and now has to take care of his child.

Image: Viva Entertainment

Later on, Billy even asked James if he can borrow his car and sell it because he already sold his car, and guess what? James also said Yes to this request without even thinking twice.

It was during this time that Billy decided to break it off and reveal that he just prank called James. To which James replied, “Bro, imma f***ing kill you when I see you.”

Billy then explained that he chose to prank call James because he knows that he is someone who will never let his friends down. As you may recall, James and Billy worked together on a song called Filipina Girl back in 2019.

Well, how we wish we can have a friend like James Reid too!