Young man gets a “Joy-themed” cake on his birthday for being a dishwasher in the family

As they say, a person can only celebrate their birthday once every single year. This is why, as much as possible, people take the extra mile and extra effort to make it a special and memorable day.

Image: News5/Facebook

May it be on the decorations to be used, food to be served, the venue, and most importantly, the cake! Everything just needs a little extra attention for the celebrant to feel the love of the people around them on their special day.

As for this kid named Anton though, the cake he is about to blow on his special day was rather hilarious but also unique at the same time. Well, it was designed after a famous dishwashing brand here in the Philippines.

Image: News5/Facebook

According to News5, this cake is a dedication of some sort for Anton’s ultimate role inside their home – being in charge of washing the dishes. It was made by his sister Trisha Aliparo as her birthday gift for him.

Meanwhile, there are many netizens who can relate to Anton’s role of being the dishwasher that his unique and hilarious cake became a trending topic online.

Image: News5/Facebook

Many just can’t help but share a little laugh upon seeing the cake but also realized later on that although it was quite funny, it’s still the thought that counts.

Well, he surely did have a good time blowing this dishwashing-designed cake! As for the taste, we’ll just have to make sure that it does not taste like soap and we’re good to go!