Do you still remember Goin’ Bulilit Kid, Clarence Delgado? This is how he looks now!

For some people, puberty really decides to hit hard that the way they look like teenagers or grown-ups are quite far from how they looked like when they were still a kid.

Image: Kapamilya Online World/Facebook

You may still remember Clarence Delgado as that chubby kid who kept throwing punchlines in the popular kiddie sitcom, Goin’Bulilit. What made Clarence remarkable to the viewers is his chubby body and adorable face that can easily make anyone smile just by looking at him.

Image: Clarence Delgado/Instagram

But, after a few years since the program came to an end, we no longer had updates as to how our favorite kids are doing now.

Image: Clarence Delgado/Instagram

This is why many were shocked when photos of a now grown-up Clarence surfaced online and he is no longer that chubby kid we all adored.

Image: Clarence Delgado/Instagram

Instead, he became more masculine now and is just so handsome without even trying. Puberty really did hit him hard but in a good way.

Image: Clarence Delgado/Instagram

Because Clarence’s transformation was just so drastic, it was no longer a surprise that his photos quickly became viral and people just can’t help but compliment his handsome looks.

Image: Clarence Delgado/Instagram

In his Instagram account, Clarence often shares personal photos from his trips or even just at home. He also posts throwback photos with people close to his heart, just like Direk Bobot Mortiz, the director of Goin’ Bulilit, and also a father figure to Clarence.


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Happiest Birthday to our Gag Father @direkbobot!! Wish you all the Best po and Godbless!! 🎂🎂🥳🥳

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Clarence, then an excellent child actor and now at 15 years old already has a promising career ahead of him. We can’t wait to watch his acting projects soon.