Here is the new look of Super Tekla’s condo after makeover

It is already a given fact that everyone knows about that Super Tekla and Donita Nose are a very good comedy tandem. But, what some people don’t know is that the two are also close friends off stage.

Image: Donekla in Tandem/Youtube

So, it was no longer a surprise that Donita was one of the first individuals who reached out to Tekla during a hard time in his life.

Donita first came to Tekla’s condo and was shocked to find that it was very dirty. So, in an effort to somehow ease the burden that Tekla is carrying, Donita and her team starter cleaning up the condo.

Image: Donekla in Tandem/Youtube

After almost a whole day of cleaning, scrubbing, and throwing dirty stuff from inside the condo, they finally managed to transform it. The group even bought pillows and bedsheets for Tekla because the one he previously had is no longer usable.

Image: Donekla in Tandem/Youtube

Although the transformation was not really huge as there are still a lot of things in the condo that needs repair, it was already a huge breath of air for Tekla that somehow, he now has a good place to come home to.

At one point, Tekla was even teary-eyed. He was probably overwhelmed by all the support the people around him is giving.

He was just so thankful to them that even in his darkest days, they did not choose to make it even darker but instead, they worked on brightening up even just a small part of his whole being which will eventually lead to him finally moving on and leaving this dark moment of his life in the past.