Angry Raffy Tulfo withdraws his support for Michelle in the midst of issue with Super Tekla

The life of Romeo Librada, or more commonly known as Super Tekla has become a public interest ever since his live-in partner, Michelle Lhor Bana-ag went to the program, Raffy Tulfo in Action to “reveal” the alleged mistreatments she went thru while living with the comedian.

Image: Wanted sa Radyo/Youtube

At first, many supported her and condemned Tekla for the lewd things he has been doing to Michelle. From starving her family members, to sexually harassing her, everything became more believable because of a video of Tekla shouting at Michelle also surfaced.

Image: Wanted sa Radyo/Youtube

However, after a few days, Tekla aired his side of the story, and immediately, people turned to side with him. After all of these, Tulfo still chose to give Michelle the benefit of the doubt and still supported her.

Image: Wanted sa Radyo/Youtube

When Tekla and Michelle came to an agreement on the show, Tulfo said that Michelle no longer has to take the hair follicle test. But Michelle insisted that she do so. Tulfo then believed that she may be innocent for her to decide this way.

Not until she had a change of heart about this challenge. In an episode of Wanted sa Radyo, Michelle said that she no longer wants to take the drug test because an aunt supposedly got angry at her for agreeing to the test. Since she had just given birth 4 months ago, the aunt supposedly told her the test may harm her health.

Tulfo immediately had doubts because of Michelle’s actions. He even got angry at her for fooling him. He no longer listened to Michelle’s pleas even though she was still crying. He even told her that the DSWD will take her nephews and nieces from her.