Rider gets instant karma after doing intentional driving recklessly in public road

Oftentimes, when on the road, we may encounter many types of drivers. From the calm and composed to irate ones, to even the daredevil ones, everything and everyone is just out there all trying to get to a certain destination.

This particular motorcycle driver, however, has managed to capture the attention of many because of his quite unusual driving style.

Image: Facebook

In the said clip, this guy in an orange hoodie is calmly driving his motorcycle, until a few moments into the clip, he started moving from one lane to the other, completely ignoring safety protocols while on the road.

One may even say that it was as if they are watching some racing car game where one has to control and avoid cars in front of them in order to succeed in the race and get to the finish line. Only that this time, it was a real-life situation.

Image: Facebook

A few more minutes into the clip and the guy may have been enjoying his sweet time dodging cars and other motorcycles who get in his way. He even became more aggressive that he switched lanes several more times while his motorcycle also picked up speed.

Later on, in the last part of the clip though, he met his own real-life karma as he tried to overtake on another car but accidentally lost his balance and ended up on the ground along with his motorcycle.

Image: Facebook

Lucky for him though, the accident was not quite serious as he was still able to get up immediately. The clip, however, did not give further details as to what happened to the man after the accident. We just hope that he is okay.

You can watch the full clip here: