Alex Gonzaga tests positive for COVID-19 and shares her journey in latest vlog

We have always known Alex Gonzaga as that bubbly persona who often shares her funny and witty jokes through her vlogs. We have also witnessed all her life milestones as she joyfully shared it with us through her channel, may it be her engagement, her new shows and etc.

Image: Alex Gonzaga/Youtube

This time though, she decided to share with everyone, one of her most difficult journeys in life and that is when she tested positive for the COVID-19 disease. According to Alex, she, along with her parents, her boyfriend, Mikee was among the ones who tested positive for the virus.

When their results came out, Alex really felt down knowing that it was one silly mistake that led them to this suffering. The actress said that one of the persons they were staying with at home decided to go out because he or she was craving food. Then, when that person came back after a few hours, it was then that they all contracted the disease.

Image: Alex Gonzaga/Youtube

She even became sadder because she had a lot of plans for the month of October, she was supposed to have her wedding with just their families and a few friends and she even signed up for a new noontime show.

However, she was still thankful that although they tested positive, they did not suffer from very serious symptoms. In fact, her parents, Daddy Bonoy and Mommy Pinty were all asymptomatic.

Image: Alex Gonzaga/Youtube

All throughout her period of quarantine, Alex documented herself – all the symptoms that she felt and how she manages to get through it every single day. She also showed everyone how their home transformed as each door had plastic so they can truly stay away from each other.

After several days of being in isolation, Alex and the whole family were re-tested and they are now free from the virus. In her vlog, she says that the whole experience was an awakening for her and made her realize that just a single mistake can ripple into something much bigger.

You can watch her full vlog here: