Jen Barangan shares emotional vlog of her last duty as a flight attendant

They say, “find a job that you love and you never have to work a single day in your life.” This is probably it is even more heartbreaking when you see people loving and giving their all to their jobs only to lose it in the end.

As Jen Barangan describes it, losing her job as a flight attendant is like letting go of someone that you still love. Truly heartbreaking.

Image: Jen Barangan/Youtube

In her latest and the hardest vlog she has ever filmed so far, she shares to all her subscribers and supporters about her last day of duty as a flight attendant.

Image: Jen Barangan/Youtube

Just a few seconds into the clip and Jen already failed to hold back her tears. The moment even became more emotional when her colleagues came into the picture all feeling the same way as she is – heartbroken and sad that they had to let go of a job that is dear to their hearts.

Image: Jen Barangan/Youtube

As the vlog went on, Jen compiled videos of her journey as a flight attendant. May it be during their flights where she demonstrates the proper use of emergency equipment in the plane or their layovers in between flights where she together with her fellow flight attendants are given the chance to explore the country they are in.

Her whole journey as a flight attendant has been a memorable part of her life and surely, even though it lasted for just a short while, she will surely remember everything in her heart and mind, forever.