Super Tekla in tears while telling his side about partner’s allegations

Comedian Super Tekla has been in the hot seat recently when his live-in partner, Michelle Lhor Bana-ag seek for the help of Raffy Tulfo in Action to reveal the unjust treatment and harassment she suffered from the hands of the comedian.

In the said episode of Raffy Tulfo in Action, Michelle was very emotional when she went into details about the several events when Tekla attitude towards her and her family.

Image: Raffy Tulfo in Action/Youtube

Later on, in the tell-all interview, Attorney Garreth Tungol said that Tekla can face several charges regarding this issue while Raffy Tulfo himself promised to help and support Michelle in this difficult journey that she is about to take.

Now, after barely a day since the interview, Tekla denied all the allegations thrown to him in an emotional uploaded via the GMA News Youtube channel.

Image: GMA News/Youtube

In the said video, Tekla turned emotional saying it was a sensitive issue that should have been discussed within the family alone. Tekla started off the video by denying all the wrongdoings cited by Michelle, saying he couldn’t do those things because he had female relatives.

He then went on to talk more about how this issue could have been resolved within their family circle, about his love for his children, and how he lived a humble beginning in the province.

Here is Tekla’s full video response to Michelle’s allegations:

While this issue has already blown up, we are still hoping that justice will be served if there is truly someone who did wrong to somebody. After all, this is still the true essence of justice in our society.