Over 10 food delivery riders fell victims to fake bookings

Booking and ordering food online has become very convenient these days as there are now a lot of platforms that offer these services. Plus, who wouldn’t want to just click a few things on their phone and wait in the comfort of their home for their cravings to come knocking at their door, right?

Image: Lydia Sulit Pavia/Facebook

However, it is also a sad truth that there are people who take advantage of these services to carry out their twisted plans. Just like with this disheartening moment where over 10 food delivery riders fell victim to fake bookings.

In a report by GMA News, at a certain address in Las Piñas, food delivery riders started arriving with various types of food at the back of their motorcycles.

Image: Lydia Sulit Pavia/Facebook

In a video, uploaded by Facebook user Lydia Sulit Pavia, it can be seen that the riders came one by one as they make calls and fiddle with their phones in an effort to contact the person named Marl dela Cruz who ordered the food. Unfortunately, they can no longer contact the said person.

Image: Lydia Sulit Pavia/Facebook

According to the person who uploaded the video, the estimated worth of the various food orders can sum up to PHP 20,000 or even higher. The uploader also cannot help but be emotional upon seeing the situation of the riders.

Although there were already countless events like this that happened in the past, what is sad is that we do not yet have a law that will penalize these irresponsible people who seem to find “fun” in victimizing these innocent people.

This is why we hope that the proposed law aiming to protect the rights of these food delivery riders will soon be passed so that these heartless criminals will be properly punished.