Influencer re-creates Ivana Alawi viral photoshoot and here’s the result

Ivana Alawi’s cover on the September issue of Preview Magazine has made a buzz online because of how ethereal she looked in the said photoshoot. So, it was no longer a surprise that photographers and models all came scrambling to re-create her iconic photos.

But, it was an influencer named Pipay who managed to catch the attention of many people in the online community when he uploaded his own version of the BJ Pascual-taken photos of Ivana.

He even gave his own title to the photoshoot which was “Lavanderia”. In the said photos he uploaded on his Facebook page, he is seen wearing white and flesh-colored dresses while doing the “laundry” in the middle of a river. He then showed his fierce look to the camera to complete the overall aura of the photoshoot.

There were even several photos where Pipay is holding up a few eggplants while still sporting that fierce look on his face.

Netizens who came across the post were quick to give their praises and admiration to Pipay and her friends for being able to pull off such type of photoshoot.

Of course, because his post became trending on Facebook, it was only a short time that it also reached the famous beauty photographer behind Ivana’s stunning photos, BJ Pascual.

BJ left a comment on Pipay’s post which said “LOVE!!!!!” along with 3 black heart emojis to which Pipay, who was obviously overjoyed that BJ himself noticed him replied “emegeshhhg thank youuuu”.

The said post is still continuing to gain attention from many people with Pipay being a proud representative of the LGBTQ community, raising their flags higher than it ever was.